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Make your borewells highly sustainable using Bore Charger

Bore charger Impact

  • Improved irrigation & drinking water quantity & quality
  • Reduction in salination of soil due to dissolved salts
  • Improvement in soil health
  • Improved farm output productivity, production and farm income
  • Lesser vulnerability of farmers due to weather shocks
  • Reduced cost of tanker water supply and water treatment for urban population
  • Improved health of water consumers due to lesser dissolved salts, fluorides, etc.
  • Reduced pumping energy costs and competition for water


Aquifers are the geological formations that can store water as well as allow... View Details >>

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Borewells are drilled to tap water from the deeper confined aquifers... View Details >>

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This artificial injection recharge directly replenishes the deeper confined... View Details >>

services Offered

We Provide End to End Sustainable Solutions That Include Consulting, Design, Execution and Commissioning.

Why We are Best

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Why We Are Best Choice

Water is life, and we provide life by providing a constant source of clean potable water.

On the issue of potable water, we have all the possible means which helps nature recharge ground-water resources so that humanity in the vicinity has a constant supply of clean and healthy drinking water which additionally can be brought to various uses.

जल है तो कल है!

Our Vision

To become the most valuable technology company developing disruptive and innovative products for environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

We will challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use science and technology to drive positive change in lives of our stakeholders and communities, to enable them to... Rise!

team members

Here are key stakeholders focused on building our community.

-> Executive Program in Business Management (EPBM) – IIM Calcutta.
-> MS, Mechanical Engineering – Michigan State University, USA.
-> BE, Mechanical Engineering.

Rahul Bakare


Email: rahul.b@borecharger.com

-> M.Sc, Tropical Hydrogeology -Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen, Germany.
-> M.Sc, in Geology - University Of Pune.
-> B.Sc, Geology – Shivaji University.

Vinit Phadnis


Email: vinit.p@borecharger.com


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Groundwater levels are declining across India

Out of the 4,000 wells captured in the IWT 2.0 showing statistically significant trends, 54% dropped over the past seven years. Farmers in arid areas, or areas with irregular rainfall, depend heavily on groundwater for irrigation. Northwestern India again stands out as highly vulnerable.

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